Is It Enough?

Juli 10, 2020

Oleh: Debora Engeline Juniati
(Mahasiswi Sastra Inggris FISIP UBB)


Lucky enough to know you now

Over the years I’ve always been like this

Very much love for you to show

Everday, time, minute, second you’re the one I miss


You keep coming to my dream

On my mind that I wanna scream

Until my heart melted like the ice cream


Maybe it is enough just to be like this

On this day that you came to me

Raining my heart like pure bliss

Even we’re not meant to be


Balun Ijuk, 22 Juni 2020



Debora Engeline Juniati, mahasiswi Sastra Inggris Universitas Bangka Belitung

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