April 08, 2020

Oleh: Debora Engeline Juniati
(Mahasiswi Sastra Inggris FISIP UBB)

He was good at first time

Like he was the prime
Instead of love, he gave me claim
And then we walked without aim

The word he gave me was 'love'
Wrote down the story on every page
And suddenly he wants to be a dove
Fly away, far away from the cage

He left me some nights for joy
He came to me like he played the toy
I realized every moment with that boy
Just a time for me to be his employ

For years I stand here and I'm weak
Try to climb the mountain peak
I make a mess just to leak
Like a bird with opened beak

He went to every places
Like he wanted to bait some fishes
Look how he broke me to pieces
When everyday I saw some faces

I want to go every where
To a place that make me dare
To be free and tears I can share
And I can feel everything is fair

I will let him do whatever he wants
And if he ask me to back, I won't
I'm not something he wants since born
It would be good if I'm alone

Balunijuk, December 17th 2017

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