A Short Summary Of English Literature In The Georgian Period

Maret 07, 2021

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            The Georgian period runs from 1714 to the 1830s and runs before the Victorian period. The Georgian period is one of the periods in British history that is most remembered for its luxurious and beautiful style of architecture, music, literature, and lifestyle. The Georgian period includes the reign of four Georges in a row, which refers to the authority of George V (1910-1936). The Georgian period lasted during the four sovereignty of the first Hanoverian English kings, all named George. According to the article, "The Hanoverians were members who lived in a place called The House of Hanover. That was a German royal house that ruled Hanover, England, and Ireland at various times during the 17th to 20th centuries" (mimirbook .com). The following are the kings who once ruled Georgia. a). King George I (r. 1714-1727)

King George I  spending a fifth of his reign living in Germany and rarely speaking English.

b). King George II (r. 1727-1760)

Known as the last British monarch to lead troops into battle but relied heavily on his ministers to run the country.

c). King George III (r. 1760-1820)

Known for his long reign and for spending the last part of his life suffering from mental illness. The first Hanoverian king was born in England. He earned the nickname 'Farmer George' due to his interest in agriculture.

d). King George IV (r. 1820-1830)

Known for leading an extravagant lifestyle. His charm and regal lifestyle earned him the title of 'the first gentleman of England' by the British people.

            During the Georgian Period, there were also several prominent poets, architects, and writers. One of the most famous writers of this period was Jane Austen, an architect named James Wyatt, and poets names William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The development of literature Georgian period is began in the 4th century, when alphabet Georgian develop.

 This time, the writer of literary works in the Georgian Period to be discussed is Jane Austen with her famous works. Jane Austen was an English novelist from the Georgian Period. Jane Austen's writing style is a combination of neoclassicism and romanticism. Austen created a transition to Romanticism that encouraged passion and imagination in writing rather than a strict, stale writing style. It is very emotional and follows an unstructured flowing form. Mixing these two styles was one of Austen's strongest talents, giving her an edge in the literary world. She was born on December 16, 1775, in the village of  Steventon, Hampshire, England. Jane Austen released her first novel, Sense & Sensibility, in mid-1811. It was published anonymously with "By A Lady" as the title. Austen continued to publish her novels until 1815 and achieved tremendous success with her work, which often drew life among aristocrats in the Georgian period. The popularity of the novel written by Austen made her work a target for adaptation to the big screen. One of Austen's most popular novels is Pride & Prejudice (2005). Austen's most famous and most popular novel is Pride & Prejudice. In Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen giving attractive details about the upper-middle class in the 18th century. It was so popular who adapted it into a film in 2005. Austen said that she wrote this novel because she was inspired by her younger sister. He even made Cassandra a depiction of the character Elizabeth Bennett. The story itself tells of a smart, cheerful, and very critical girl named Elizabeth Bennett. She and her four sisters wanted to marry a rich man by her father. This problem also became the beginning of a meeting between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy whom he hated at first. But over time, he also had feelings for her. Its charming characters have made this novel one of the very popular romances of all time.



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