Text Me When You Miss Me

Mei 01, 2020

Oleh: Alisa
(Mahasiswi Sastra Inggris FISIP UBB)

I'm the older one
Then you are the younger
I found you wrote new story with other one
Then I just stuck and saw your acting
Mostly general people will leave you there
But I am not
I can handle myself but no one can handle my feelings
Defend you to be in my life just an ambition
You just feel perforce for me and my condition

I'm begging
Then hopeless
I'm hurting
Also hiding at the same time
Don't you want to come back?
I'm here, still stay
I'm with my scars
Want you to treat me well till my pain gone
We have been through many lands
Hope you will be able help my imagination

Were you flirting with other?
You were but I was pretending okay
Just text me, when you miss me



Bernama Alisa, yang sekarang sedang berjuang mengejar gelar S1 nya pada prodi sastra inggris di Universitas Bangka Belitung, gadis kelahiran 17 januari 2000 dan belitung adalah tanah kelahirannya.

Ig : @Alisa_vkim

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